Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moving the Studio

Moving to Logan to go to school doesn’t just mean moving my family, it means moving my home studio. Even though our house is small, we’re losing about half of our square footage moving into an apartment. My studio is pretty small, consisting of a laptop, two near-field monitors, a six-channel mixer/interface, a microphone and a couple of keyboards.  It all fit’s nicely in and on a small desk I picked up at a thrift store.

While that’s not so bad at first glance, keep in mind that I’ll be moving it from my basement to my front room. That’s not so nice. Adding more furniture to an already small living room, coupled with the fact that it is a shared space (two kids and a wife), does not sound like a good recording space. Couple that with the fact that I only have a wall between me and my neighbor, and it just gets worse. Then again; the acoustics in my basement room weren’t all that great, either. It just had the advantage of being away from the common living area.

I’m not sure how much mic recording I’ll need, though. Mostly I do instrumental music, and my output is going to be limited for the next couple of years while I go to school, anyway. In fact, the next recording project I’m planning is a solo piano CD, and I can do that with the soft-synths on the laptop. There should be a few nice spaces with pianos and such at the fine arts building, anyway. As a student I doubt it would take much for me to get access to them if I needed to record something more involved.

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